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How does an MBSR course work?
Specifically, we learn and practice:

  • Body awareness lying down (body scan)

  • Sitting and walking mindfulness meditations

  • Mindful body movements and stretching exercises based on easy exercises from Hatha Yoga

  • Mindfulness exercises for everyday life

  • Short lectures and group discussions with a focus on topics such as acceptance and self-acceptance, compassion, mindful communication, dealing with difficult situations, feelings and pain, modern stress research and neurobiology, resilience

  • after the 6th or 7th week, a whole mindfulness day (6 hours) takes place at a weekend day, usually a Saturday. Here we immerse ourselves in the exercises we have learned for a longer period of time and deepen our understanding and experiences in meditation. This day takes place in silence. The course leader gives a few spoken impulses and only towards the end of the day does the silence gently open for a short exchange. The detailed discussion of the experiences will take place in the following session.


Before the course begins, the individual situation and goals of each course participant are discussed in one-on-one meetings (zoom or telephone call). 

All course participants receive detailed course documents as well as recordings of the meditation exercises to practice at home.

current courses

The courses can be held either in German or in English.

Costs: 400€ for the whole program and material (course book and audio files). 

2024: Course 1

7th May - 9th July 2024 each Tuesday 6 pm til 8:30 pm (Whitsun break 2 weeks, Retreat day 29th June or 6th July (by arrangement 

2024 course 2

in planning for End September - mid November 2024

Course 3

geplant: Ende September - Ende November2024

18 bis 20:30 Uhr (Pause in ersten Novemberwoche, Ferien) 

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