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stressed? worried?
overburdened? afraid of burnout?

Then you are right here!

I support you to learn 

to become calmer and more relaxed.

Instead of being the pawn of your fears, worries and stress, you learn to be the leader yourself in the game of life. With mindfulness methods.

"Some people feel the rain.

Others just get wet."

- Bob Marley - 


Be the leader in the game of life yourself... But how?

Well, by calmly and placidly perceiving what really happens around and within you and thereby falling less into automatic stress patterns.

A nice idea, isn't it?

Having a free and focused mind isn't easy for most people, but don't worry, you can learn it - with mindfulness!

As a certified MBSR trainer with many years of meditation experience, I can show you a way to become happier, more relaxed and better able to manage your life.

mindfulness is the pure experience of the present moment. Without the distraction of thoughts, plans, fears, worries, anticipation, memories. Be in the NOW.

Through mindfulness meditation we learn to consciously and honestly perceive our body sensations, thoughts and feelings without judging them.

This allows us to understand ourselves and our habitual responses, and to gain inner agency. A valuable asset, not only in hectic times!


MBSR is short for Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. It is an established, certified and scientifically researched 8-week program in which we learn to perceive our experienced stress and suffering in new and different ways and to reduce our stress reactions through mindfulness practice with meditation. In this way, with time and practice, we can feel less and less at the mercy of external circumstances.

The courses

MBSR is for you if you:

  • are looking for effective and concrete ways of coping with stress

  • are currently in a difficult life situation and are looking for clarity

  • are challenged with chronic illness or pain, trouble with sleeping, or other stress issues 

  • want to live more consciously and strengthen your own resources

  • want to be calmer and more relaxed

  • are interested in meditation techniques and just want to do something good for yourself

However, MBSR is not a panacea for diseases or problems, but it can help to strengthen one's resilience and deal better with life's challenges.

Learn more here

How does a course work? 

During the 8-week course, the group meets 2.5 hours per week, as well as for a mindfulness day (6 hours at a weekend, usually a Saturday).

In these sessions we will learn and discuss various meditation techniques, movements and topics to calm our restless and stressed mind and body and to gain insight into our stress behavior and possible ways out. 

2024: course 1 

May 7th - July 9th, 2024 each Tuesday 6pm til 8:30 pm (Whitsun break 2 weeks, Retreat Day 29th June or 6th July (by agreement)

course 2: in planning for End September - mid November 2024

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