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What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is 100% immersion and experiencing the present moment. No distraction by thoughts, plans, fears, worries, anticipation, memories. Simply being there, calm and serene, totally in the here and now. Nothing less, but also nothing more.

Even disturbing or painful thoughts or feelings should first be looked at calmly and observantly and accepted as they are, in this present moment. For what reason? Since they are already there, resisting or rejecting them doesn't help us. Because what do we usually do? We avoid it, we suppress it, we distract ourselves... and yet the thoughts and worries creep in again and again, the thought carousel starts again and again, whether we want it or not.


Only when we can interrupt this automatism can we really enjoy the moment and our experience or, if necessary, develop options for action if we want to change something. Pausing. Overcoming blockades. Exactly, maybe do NOTHING AT ALL for once. For it is only the moment in which we consciously and without judgment perceive ourselves and our environment that gives us the opportunity to interrupt the automatism of our actions and we can gain inner freedom of action. Mindfulness gives us time and strength to face the different and often problematic experiences in our life with more clarity and serenity. We can also recognize recurring and obstructive thought and behavior patterns and take away their destructive power by finding space for decisions.

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