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Hello and welcome!

I'm Anja, certified MBSR trainer, teacher, globetrotter, yoga enthusiast and passionate nature and animal lover! 

It is my concern to support people in leading a balanced and mindful life and thus to experience more well-being and happiness. My dream is a life for everyone with as little suffering as possible and as much joy as possible. A life in harmony with ourselves and the world.

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My story

It has taken me into very different professional fields in my life, which has enabled me to take on different perspectives: From business-oriented challenges to working in a foundation to my teaching profession, in which I am, so to speak, from the 'big, strong' man -agers, through teenagers to young children, could experience and work with many human profiles.


In addition, my longer journeys have opened up enriching perspectives in relation to people, nature and animals and have shaped me so much that I am actively involved in various animal and nature projects.


I have been actively practicing yoga for 25 years and later also qigong. I got to know and love different styles of yoga.


In a phase of extreme tension and work at school, in which I became a plaything of stress, overwork, insomnia, and got into incessant thoughts about the problems, I looked for a way out of this misery. A good friend drew my attention to an MBSR course - today I think that was my salvation. 


I had no idea what would emerge from this experience, but I knew if I kept my heart open it would lead me on my path...


This first course allowed me to become aware of my suppressed feelings and false, limiting beliefs that were holding me back from growth and well-being. After a few weeks, I was increasingly able to see new insights with an unfamiliar clarity and to experience a deep sense of purpose in my life and belonging. I found more and more moments when I felt really calm and at peace. In the meditation I was able to perceive my thought patterns more consciously and also let them go again and again. I learned to disconnect from my thoughts and connect to my breath, which actually enabled me to stay more in the present.

After the course I continued to delve into the practice, attending retreats and practicing integrating what I had learned in the courses into my daily life and habits. Of course, from then on, not everything was just easy and simple! The problems and challenges remained, but I was able to deal with them better and better, no longer taking things to heart, distance myself and still stay connected. 


I was so inspired by this one  experience and everything I had learned made me know that I wanted to share this practice with as many people as possible. 


So, a year after my first MBSR course, I decided to become an MBSR trainer myself in hopes of being able to pass this transformative practice on to other people. My 2-year training at Arbor Seminars and the Center for Mindfulness Switzerland was intense and incredibly rewarding. I developed a good feeling of determination, awareness and great joy for my work.


Mindfulness directs us to return to the essence of the heart - to our true selves, in our authentic, purest form, so that we can discover who we really are, what inspires us  and how we can render the greatest service to others.


I believe we all have a purpose in life and unique gifts to share with others. The mindfulness practice is a journey of self-discovery and opened up space and strength for my fellow human beings. I hope to share this powerful practice with others in hopes that it will inspire people to live lives more permeated with peace and happiness.


In the MBSR courses, I teach the classic 8-week courses as developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Stress Reduction Clinic, USA, and as I have had the good fortune to learn from Arbor Seminars. Furthermore, it is my great interest and goal to establish and promote mindfulness in schools.

You are welcome to contact me directly:

I look forward to being contacted

+49 (0) 163 77 414 38

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